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Age of Sigmar: Shadow & Pain (Eng)

Age of Sigmar: Shadow & Pain (Eng)

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    Long ago, the Dark Prince Slaanesh was stolen away by the aelven gods, trapped in Uhl-Gysh and stripped of the souls he had devoured, yet his worshippers seek him out still. Now one such host has discovered a gateway to their lost god's prison, but the Daughters of Khaine who defend it have designs of their own in motion...
    In Shadow and Pain, the forces of Slaanesh and the Daughters of Khaine clash in furious battle. With new lore, rules, models, and some great savings, this set is a must have for any who collect the Daughters of Khaine or Hedonites of Slaanesh. Build the armies, fight the mini-campaign in the box, and then use your models to reinforce or start an army to conquer the Mortal Realms!

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